Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ten Tidbits 5

01. Here's something for when all the bookshelves are filled: Bookinist," a mobile reading chair, with enough built-in storage to hold 80 of your favorite books nearby."

02. Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography (HT: Joe Carter)

03. Want to really impress the guests at your next dinner party? Learn 27 different ways to fold a napkin.

04. How to write consistently boring scientific literature (via Metafilter)

05. Ann Althouse has a great picture of New York City from this past Patriot's Day

06. Here he is, Ladies and Gentlemen! The pocket piranha! (via Neatorama)

07. Apparently lost for fifty years, the skinny gene has been found.

08. If you need this to help you remember, you have some serious memory problems.

09. If you believe in Open Theism, I guess you wouldn't have a problem when this kind of thing happens.

10. One of the most perfect endings to a TV show:

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