Sunday, October 21, 2007

presidential pet put out

We Americans love our pets. Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, snakes, ferrets - they give us so much pleasure. We care about what happens to them. We - a few of us, at least - even care about what happens to celebrity-owned pets.

However, no pet in this great country garners as much attention as the First Family's pet. Just look at our past. We've had presidents with goats,parrots, lion cubs, and horses. One president felt compelleted to give a speech about his dog that he had received as a gift. Another presidential canine became a best-selling "author."

Given that we care so much about our pets - and our leaders' pets - will we care if one is given the boot?

Hmm. I see way too many people are talking about this.

ADDED: Exactly. She gave her cat away to someone she knew would properly care for it.

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