Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reformation Sunday 2007

My blogging friend Mark Daniels has written an informative post on Reformation Sunday.
He was born in November, 1483, in the German principality of Saxony. His father was a one-time coal miner who, through hard work, had risen to middle class status, the owner of several mines. His mother, who would exert so much influence over the boy was, in the custom of those times, a full-time housewife and mother.His name was Martin Luther. From an early age, he exhibited great intelligence and many talents. As time passed, he would become an extraordiary preacher, theologian, and musician.

These pursuits were far from his father’s intentions for young Martin. Hans Luther wanted Martin to become a lawyer in order to care for him and his wife in their old age.That, in fact, was the trajectory on which Martin’s life was moving when a shattering experience intervened.
What was the experience that so affected Luther? You'll have to jump to the link to read on....

When you're done reading Pastor Mark's post, come back and watch some classic Steve Green singing Luther's most famous hymn while sporting classic 80's hair:

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