Friday, October 5, 2007

why do they hate us?

Michael Spencer, also known as the Internet Monk, has written a piece on why evangelical Christians are some of the most disliked groups in society.

His points:
  1. Christians endorse a high standard of conduct for others, and then largely excuse themselves from a serious pursuit of such a life.
  2. Evangelical Christian piety in America is mostly public. Whether it's our entertainment-saturated "worship" services, our celebrity cults or our mad obsession with worldly success, we love for others to see what "God is doing in our lives."
  3. Many evangelicals relate to others with an obvious- or thinly disguised- hidden agenda. In other words, those who work with us or go to school with is feel that we are always "up to" something. You mean, they know we want to convert them? Apparently.
  4. We seem consumed with establishing that we are somehow "better" than other people, when the opposite is very often true.
  5. We talk about God in ways that are too familiar and make people uncomfortable.
  6. Evangelicals are too slow to separate themselves from what is wrong. Because ours is a moral religion, and we frequently advertise our certainty in moral matters, it seems bizarrely hypocritical when that moral sense is applied so inconsistently.
  7. We take ourselves far too seriously, and come off as opposed to normal life.

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