Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sullivan on Clintons

Every once and again, Andrew Sullivan writes a well-reasoned post with legitimate questions, this time about the Clintons' second presidency.
With the Clintons, we are not dealing with a normal candidacy. They are a power-couple, a team that cannot be understood in isolation from each other, a couple whose private and public lives have long been fused in a mutual pursuit of power. We need to know what the actual, power-sharing deal was from 1992 - 2000, and we deserve to know what the deal will be if they return to power. This need not hurt her candidacy. Many people understandably admire her husband's skills and would be happy to see them used in the service of his country. But his marital and familial relationship to a future president - and the existence of secret or special power - means we need to know exactly what we are being asked to support. This is not a monarchy yet.
Make no mistake - Bill will have a role to play in the White House that is far beyond the traditional spousal role. He won't be just hosting parties and visiting elementary schools.

Update: In another post --
But if you think we would be electing a normal presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton, as opposed to a co-dependent, scandal-drawn power-couple with almost no accountability within their marriage, let alone outside it, then you're welcome to your delusions.

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