Monday, December 24, 2007

Dayton on Wikipedia

I thought I knew a lot about my hometown city of Dayton, Ohio, but as I perused through Wikipedia, I discovered a number of things I didn't previously know.
  • Jonathan Dayton, for whom the city is named, never set foot in Dayton.
  • There is a city named Dayton in 23 states, but mine is the most well-known. I also have family in the Dayton of Tennessee, home of a famous trial.
  • I knew C.J. Cregg hailed from Dayton and even traveled to the city to meet with her father and speak at her old high school (West Dayton High, which BTW doesn't exist in RL), but I didn't realize the Incredible Hulk came from the Gem City as well.
  • Who knew there was such a musical genre as Christian metalcore? Dayton claims one band of this genre - The Devil Wears Prada.
  • Dayton has more patents per capita than any other American city.
  • This is something I already knew but have to mention because she played on the Dayton Lady Hoopstars team with my neice Jessica - Tamika Williams Raymond is from Dayton.

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  1. I grew up in nearby Richmond and went to college in nearby Oxford, Ohio. Also, my parents lived in Sydney, Ohio for a number of years. From my perspective in those places, Dayton looked like a small city with big city problems.

    Also, apropos of nothing, I seem to recall that, heading south on I-75, if you are in the far left lane at the north end of the city, you'll end up in the far right lane at the south end of the city due to lanes ending at exits and the like.