Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hillary wants you to know how smart Obama is

In what must surely be the most juvenile example of dirt-digging that I have seen in some time, Hillary Clinton's camp is pointing out Barack Obama's "flaws" by giving "evidence" of a life-long desire for the presidency. (As if she never had that...) Team Hillary must be in desperation mode if they think they need to do this - post a press release that details reported past statements by Obama regarding the presidency.

I think this has an unintential effect, however. By highlighting two specific examples, Hillary is actually showing the world how smart Obama appears to be. He reportedly wrote two essays entitled "I want to become President" while in school - in third grade and in kindergarten. I don't know about you, but I was learning to read in kindergarten - I did not yet have the ability to write an essay. I doubt Hillary did, either.

More on this from the Anchoress.

Since I'm a Democrat, I felt compelled to send this email to Team Hillary:
The press release about Senator Obama's reported life-long desire to be President Obama is probably the most juvenile thing that Team Hillary could do. By listing all the times he supposedly said he wanted to be president, you have actually shown him to be highly intelligent. How many people in Team Hillary can say they were able to write essays in kindergarten? This press release seems to be an act of desperation, more than anything else.

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