Friday, December 14, 2007

Hillary's mom wants you to vote for her daughter

Wow. Next time I interview for a job, I'm going to videotape my mom giving me an endorsement.

Some thoughts:

  • She's using her mother in a political ad, so it's fair game to critique her for this. I usually refrain from either making or listening to critiques about the family members of political officials, but not when they have become part of the campaign.
  • "She never was envious of anybody." Instead of coming across as a casual statement, these words sound as if they were spoken to address an accusation - specifically, that has always been jealous of Bill's political power. Does anyone really believe this, that Hillary never envied anyone? I don't. You don't run to be President of the United States without first thinking I want that.

(HT: Althouse)

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