Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"I always wanted to be a June bride."

You may or may not have heard about the Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson. He was in the news in 2003 because he didn't become just any kind of bishop in the Episcopal Church USA, but the first openly homosexual bishop. A divorced father, Robinson has been with his partner Mark Andrew for two decades. He recently spoke to students at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.
"I always wanted to be a June bride," said Bishop Gene Robinson at a talk on Nov. 27 at Nova Southeastern University."It may take many years for religious institutions to add their blessing for same-sex marriages and no church, mosque or synagogue should be forced to do so. But that should not slow down progress for the full civil right to marry," Robinson said. "Because New Hampshire will have legal unions beginning in January, my partner of 20 years and I will enter into such a legal union next June."

Robinson had his chance to be a June groom when he married his wife, but now he wants to wear the other shoe, or gown, or whatever. Can we presume that the bishop knows that the word bride has always been in reference to a woman? Perhaps since he is such a proponent of change, he desires to change the meaning of that word, too.

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