Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Time" to look at Rob Bell

Rob Bell is featured in a small-ish article of Time magazine. I have to confess, I don't know much about him. I understand that he pastors a church, he produces some videos, he is involved with the emerging church movement, and some people don't care for his theology. I know he's written a couple of books, his latest with the very provocative title of Sex God. He was in Indianapolis last week for his tour.

UPDATE: Bell has his supporters as well. As with anything, don't just believe other people's words about Bell, positive or negative. Check it out for yourself.


  1. Matt,

    As that "some people" in question, I first quote you: "I have to confess, I don't know much about him."

    And I will say after three years of studying Bell's ministry; well, I do. 8^)

    FYI, his theological problems begin here:

    Rob Bell and Karl Barth

  2. Indeed, Ken. That's why I linked to you. :)

    As you can tell, my post is just about pointing to information on Bell. I haven't written anything positive or negative about him, because I havent' heard him speak or read anything at length that he has written. That will no doubt change in the future.

    As always, I thank you for stopping by.

  3. Matt,

    O yes, I realized that.

    And I wasn't being snarky either; just trying to helpful in giving you a reference where you can do some research, and go from there.

    As I recall from our past conversations there's no animosity a-tween us y'all. Actually in IN I think the phrase is "you-ins", is it not. 8^)

  4. I see no reason for any kind of animosity, especially since we are brothers in Christ. We may disagree on things, but that doesn't mean there has to be animosity. That's one of my main beefs with the iMonk and his fellows at the BHT - they take things much too personally.