Thursday, January 31, 2008

"The Beginning of the End"

Holy cow, was that a premiere! I think it worked best because it focused not on the usual suspects of Jack, Kate, or Sawyer, but on fan favorite Hurley. Honestly, did you think Hurley would be the one coming out of the car? I must admit, I correctly guessed that it was him, just because I figured they were wanting to showcase an outrageous behavior by an unlikely person.

I Tivo'd the premiere, so I'll probably watch again and have more to ponder. But for now....
  • Who make up the Oceanic Six besides Hurley, Jack, and Kate?
  • Fantastic that Hurley found Jacob's shack. Was that Jacob in there, and if it wasn't Locke looking back at Hurley through the window, who was it?
  • What are they lying about? Did a number of people decide not to leave the island, so a coverup was created so the world wouldn't know the people who stayed were still alive?
  • For screencaps of "The Beginning of the End" and other episodes, go here.
  • Jacob loves you, and wants you to go here.

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