Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary's Voice

It appears that Senator Hillary Clinton is the New Hampshire primary winner, narrowly beating fellow Senator Barack Obama in a race that was thought to belong to him. I don't want to discuss the N.H. primary in detail, but instead want to focus on a few words from this article on MSNBC's site.

A quote from the Hill herself:
I come tonight with a very full heart and I want especially to thank New Hampshire. Over the last week I listened to you, and in the process I found my own voice. I felt like we all spoke from our hearts, and I’m so glad that you responded. Now together let’s give America the kind of comeback that New Hampshire has just given me.
Words mean things, as we all know. With that in mind, it's important to consider what Hillary means by the "I found my own voice" line.

A few days ago, Hillary was speaking at a campaign stop in Portsmouth, NH. She "let slip a glimpse of uncontrolled emotion" when someone asked how the campaign had been affecting her and how she stayed "upbeat and so wonderful." She responded by saying with a cracked voice, "I don't want to see us fall backward as a nation," and acted near the point of weeping.

I wonder if this moment is what she referred to when she said she "found [her] own voice." Did she mean that she found a way to connect with some voters with a See? I'm not a robot routine? If she has only now found her own voice after all these years, whose voice had she been borrowing? Her husband's?

Whatever it was - and whatever you interpret it as being - it apparently worked. She has laid claim to the first primary in the nation, and we'll see if that claim gives her any momentum. She believes she is the one to keep America - you and me - from falling backwards. I just don't think she has the proper shoes.


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  2. She has learned the approach of finding her voice after being voted for from her husband. How do people know what they voted for if she is just now realizing her "voice?"

    Good find, Matt.

  3. Hey Matthew, so does your life changing event have anything to do with your eyes? Just so you know, the whole family has been trying to guess.

  4. Thanks, Brian. Don't forget - you said you had a life-changing event to tell me about.

    PC Sis: It's been something I've planned for a long time, and I'm finally getting it going. The Wife is very happy. No, nothing to do with my physical being. I have to prepare a post, and it will take more than a minute to write it. As of now, I have very little time, which you will understand once you know what I'm talking about.