Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Edge of Belief" anthology

Because Jawn has been an excellent commentor around here, I thought I'd pass along an email he sent to me:

THE EDGE OF BELIEF will be an anthology of speculative fiction with a Christian focus/worldview. It is open to submissions of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, as long as the stories abide by the established standards.If you are interested in submitting a story for consideration for this anthology, please read the following carefully!http://www.honeyloc%20ustpress.%20com/Anthology_%20callout.htm

The word count must be between 2,000 and 4,000. (We are aiming for a word count total of about 50,000 for the whole book.)
  • A "happy ending" is not necessary, but the story does need a satisfactory resolution of some sort.
  • No onstage sex.
  • No foul language.
  • No glorification of evil. (We realize that a story may have a denouement where it appears that evil has won, but individual battles are not the war.)
  • No gore/violence strictly for shock value (The Editor is the only judge of this, and his word is final.)
  • No fan-fiction or overly-derivative works (i.e., no Narnia read-alikes, no Star Wars Holy Clones, etc.)
Previously published works may not have been published within one year of submission to the publisher, and the author must have all rights to the story, in writing.Submissions are open until July 1, 2008.

The publisher reserves the right to cancel the project without recourse, should he determine that there are not enough suitable submissions by August 1, 2008.The projected release date for THE EDGE OF BELIEF is October 2008.For full details, including formatting, compensation, distribution, etc., go to http://www.honeyloc%20ustpress.%20com/Anthology_%20callout.htm

I hope you get some good admissions, Jawn. I'm not much of a creative writer when it comes to fiction, so I won't be submitting anything, but please keep us all updated on how it's going.

Update: For some reason, the links from Jawn's email aren't working, so go here.

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  1. Hi, Matt:

    Just to clear up a possible misconception: I have nothing to do with THE EDGE OF BELIEF publication. Because I, as a writer, receive news of publications seeking writers' submissions, I merely passed the request along because I thought you and your readers would be interested. If any of you should have the good fortune of making the cut, let me know and I'll share the news with others in a weekly newsletter I circulate. Thanks.