Friday, March 14, 2008

Staff Sergeant Collin Bowen, 1970-2008

Back on January 10, I wrote about my coworker Carolyn's son Collin (here), who had been serving in Afghanistan for the Army. He was in the Army Reserves and had been called up in November 2006. He and three others were injured in a roadside bomb on January 2, two weeks before he was to return home. Two of the men died immediately, and the third succombed to his injuries several days later.

This morning, I read the following news on his CaringBridge page: "Collin passed away peacefully early Friday morning with his family holding his hands at his bedside. May he rest in peace. " Collin also has a personal page.

I have met Carolyn's other two sons, but I never met Collin. She often talked about him when we worked together, and she seemed very proud of his accomplishments. If you have a minute, please pray for his family, especially his wife Ursula, his daughter Gabriela, and two step-daughters.

Update: Collin will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

News articles about Collin:

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