Thursday, April 10, 2008

McDonalds, homosexuality, and boycotts

Rick Pearcey of the Pearcey Report Weblog writes the following:
My son and I often stop by McDonald's for a bite to eat after homeschool bowling on Fridays. But not today.

Not today, in light of reports that McDonald's has decided, apparently, to declare war on my family. And to declare war on the civilization of liberty, independence, creativity, and humanity under God that my Dad fought for in World War II.
Pearcey links to several posts about Richard Ellis, McDonald's vice president of communications, recently joining the board of directors for the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Pearcey explains that he will no longer patronize McDonald's because it is "a morally and socially corruptive business, " a "business that helps fund organizations that disrespect the heart of family life," and an organization who has joined "groups that turn their backs on the Declaration of Independence, the Founding vision, and the living Creator who holds it all together."

I have a few thoughts:
  1. Pearcey's boycott seems to be based solely on a vice president joining the NGLCC. No other reason was given. I guess Pearcey had no problem with McDonald's poor history of treatment towards their animals (although this seems to have improved). He didn't write about the high fat and sugar content of many of McDonalds' foods. He didn't touch on the millions of dollars McDonalds spends in advertisements targeting children (with play areas and Happy Meal toys) so that they can be "hooked" for life.
  2. Pearcey's boycott perpetuates the idea that Christians should be known only for things they are against, namely homosexuality and abortion.
  3. If Pearcey were asked about parents of hospitalized children spending time here, would he tell them they shouldn't?
  4. I've read the Declaration of Independence, and I don't see anything in it about sexuality of any kind, let alone homosexuality.


  1. this is so ridiculous! How arrogant to regard this as a "personal" attack on his family.

  2. [Without addressing the various issues you've raised, I thought I'd at least offer the following as an FYI... ]

    It appears there's much more substance re McDonalds corporate advocacy than just one employee joining the GLBT advocacy group.

  3. I will never patronize McDonalds nor Ford Motor Company again because of their stance on the homosexuality issue. The 20 grand that McDonalds gave to the swishers could have been better used toward their center for kids with cancer. Instead they chose to waste it on pandering to the fudge packers. What a total waste!