Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten tidbits, v. 13

01. She may seem like a simple cartoon character with a monkey as a sidekick and a fox , but much thought went into creating Dora the Explorer.

02. Highly intelligent but completely stupid - that pretty much sums up the minds and behaviors of one of the more brilliant husband-and-wife teams, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

Their private lives were wildly experimental. Simone de Beauvoir had affairs with both men and women, while Sartre, despite his stunted stature and ugly squint, was always surrounded by adoring muses happy to pamper his genius. When he died in 1980, 50,000 people turned out on to the Paris streets. But that was not the end of the story. For their influence continues to this day - often with disastrous consequences. For this luminous pair, who were at the peak of their fame just after World War II, arguably legitimised the Godless and permissive society in which we now live.

03. It doesn't look like we men have to leave it all up to the woman anymore. We can now take a pill.

04. Why do people read blogs? A group at the University of California-Irvine decided to study that question, and they drew some interesting conclusions.

What they found is that reading blogs has become a habit integrated into Internet use for many people, akin to instinctively checking e-mail. Several of the blog readers described it as simply a way to pass the time, using terms like "wasting time" and "doing nothing." One of them described it in terms of addiction: "I don’t really look forward to cigarettes anymore, but it's something that happens through the course of the day that I feel like I might need to do. It just becomes habit, I guess."

05. Movies boiled down to just three lines (or less) of dialogue.

06. It's Tax Day, so feel free to humm any song that mentions taxes. (HT: ALOTT5MA)

07. Do you take medicine that helps keep you alive? It may cost you.

08. "I'm on television, but I'm just like you, really." Paul Waldman has an interesting article on all those white guys on political shows who want to seem like they're just part of the masses.

09. The NFL released the 2008-09 schedule today. It looks like the Colts will have a tough year, and the Patriots an easy one. Of course, winning all your regular season games doesn't translate into Super Bowl success, as the Patriots know so very well.

10. Can you understand this blog?

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