Monday, April 14, 2008

Vending machine art

They have the coolest machine at the Eiteljorg Museum. It's called the Art-o-Mat, a retired cigarette machine that has been converted to dispense art. There are only two machines in Indiana, this one and one at Accents Design in Goshen.

You insert a $5 dollar bill into the machine. You make your selection, you wait a few seconds, you pull the handle, and out pops artwork. Nothing unhealthy. Beneficial for both body and soul.

I selected a collage print by Jordao. I had no idea what I would receive. I opened the box and beheld my artwork.

Pretty nifty, eh? Do you have one of these in your neighborhood, and if so, did you put $5 in the machine?

From the accompanying paper explaining the piece:

You have purchased a mini-print of an original collage. This piece is one of fifty one-of-a-kind collages in circulation as part of the Ubu Series, each signed and numbered by the artist. Each collage consists of intricate steps of tearing, assembling and gluing. The original pieces range in size from large to small. To keep all the artwork consistent, the original work has been scanned and reduced in size to 2" X 3" for this project. Please note there are only two prints of each original collage. One print the artist keeps on file and the other print you now own. Please be assured that the print you have purchased is an original art piece and will not be mass-produced. The original collages are available for sale; prices range form $50.00 - $250.00 each (unframed).


  1. where can i get one of those machines?


  2. Nifty, aren't they? The website lists all the cities where they're located.