Tuesday, April 29, 2008

visiting Graceland

So here it is, definitive proof that I did indeed walk around Elvis' place. I didn't see him in person, just his gravesite. His parents are bured beside him, as well as one of his grandmother's (his father's mother, I believe). Did you realize that Elvis was outlived by his father and his grandmother (who also outlived her son)?

We were one of the last visitors to tour the house, so I was able to take several unobstructed (read: no fellow tourists) shots. The house, by no means small, isn't as large as I had imagined it would be. I've seen many homes in Carmel and other expensive spots around Indy that are much larger. Then again, Elvis came from very humble beginnings and he was 22 years old when he bought the place, so it must have seemed absolutely huge to him.

After you walk into the house and turn to the right, you see the living room. Obviously, Elvis was a fan of peacocks. That's no suprise, given his use of dramatic and detailed jumpsuits later in his life. Velvet - not suede - ropes keep visitors from walking through the living room.

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