Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Carville thinks Obama will get it

If your most loyal supporter says you ain't gonna get the nomination, do you really have a reason to stay?


  1. A few reasons why I think she's staying in:

    1.) She's there in case Obama steps on a landmine (i'm talking figuratively here.)

    2.) She's wants to bargain with the Obama camp from a position of strength. What does she want? Well, if not the VP slot, how about secretary of state?

    3.) She wants to go out victorious in West Virginia or Kentucky.

    4.) She's waiting for the Obama camp to give her financial help to pay her campaign debts before she drops out.

    I'm sure there's more reasons.


  2. I think that there's still some denial at play in Clinton's decision to stay on. But I also think that she's trying to leverage the vice presidency.

    Mark Daniels