Sunday, May 25, 2008

isn't it a little childish?

Pastor endorses McCain. McCain praises pastor and accepts endorsement. Media brings light to controversial statements made by pastor. After waiting around a bit, McCain un-accepts pastor's endorsement. Pastor then un-endorses McCain.

How silly can you get?

AND: I think Bill is saying stuff like this because he continues to feel guilt for all the women with whom he had relationships that were inappropriate.


  1. I'm still waiting for the full blown punditry orgasm to which we were treated on the Rev. Wright issue. Darn liberal media.

  2. We're not going to get that, whether we should or not. McCain & Parsley & Hagee is a bit different from Obama & Wright because McCain never attended their churches regularly or considered them to be "his pastor" as Obama did with Wright. There is a difference there. I think McCain only did what he did with Parsley because it was "the political thing to do."