Tuesday, July 8, 2008

incentives for reducing health insurance premiums

Bill Corley, CEO of Community Health Network, has an editorial letter in yesterday's edition of the Indianapolis Star. Several years ago, CHN implemented mandatory health assessments for employees who chose to have health insurance. CHN offered incentives for those who scored high on the health assessments, including as much as a $50 reduction in biweekly premiums.

This has worked very well, and I've seen that many other companies, not just those in the health field, have taken this approach. I'm quite certain it will be implemented in some form if a national healthcare program becomes reality.

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  1. Years ago (6 maybe?) the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about how companies could save money on insurance. Several places had taken to posting in a prominent place the name of the person whose health care cost the company most in insurance in the past month or year or whatnot - inevitably that person was a smoker, etc. Peer pressure in action.

    Meanwhile, I resent having to pay 30% more on hospital bills because I do not have insurance.