Saturday, August 9, 2008

fried bananas foster cheesecake

That's the signature food of the Indiana State Fair this year, and it's free of trans fat. Three fried cubes of cheesecake, accompanied by ice cream and caramel sauce. The bargain price of $4. You're always expected to pay outrageous prices for fair food. I wonder how that tradition got started...

I digress. Back to the cheesecake. I liked the creaminess of the vanilla-flavored cheesecake, coupled with the layer of bananas foster. The creamy ice cream and fried cheesecake went very well together. Whipped cream would have made the dessert even more enjoyable. That, and if it was $2 instead of $4.

You can make your own dessert with this recipe.


  1. Did you figure out exactly how one fries Pepsi? I was intrigued but afraid to ask.


  2. Nope, no fried Pepsi for me. I didn't have any last year, and I sure wasn't interested this year. I'm a Coca-Cola man.

  3. looks yummy. $4 actually doesn't seem that high to me. Most eateries around here have there desserts priced even higher.