Sunday, August 31, 2008

the passing of a friend

It's truly a strange thing to not really think about someone for nearly two decades, then to hear of his passing and be unable to stop thinking about him. One of my friends from high school, Heath Hartline, recently went to be with the Lord after a brief battle with colon cancer. You can read his obituary here. The picture exactly portrays how I remember him - a smiling, friendly guy.

God rest you, Heath.


  1. I agree completely Matt. I kept up with Heath for a couple of years after high school, but kinda lost touch with him. I just now found out about his passing. He was a great guy. I always thought he was bigger than life.

  2. Me too Matt. I have a voicemail he left me in July before he passed away and I have saved it since. He and I worked together at the same company for a few years and saw each other at national meetings and training classes once and maybe twice a year. It was a great reunion for us to meet up at these meetings. I talked with him a couple of months before he died and he knew nothing about what was to transpire in his life from that point forward. He didn't know anything was wrong then. Then, his wife accidentally dialed my cell number from Heath's after he had passed away and thought I was his uncle Gary. But it was me and she then told me what happened...this was right at a year ago and it has still stayed with me this long, Heath was an awesome friend and Godly husband and father, brother, son and a true Man of God! Gary Eifert