Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Conrad Heyers examines the language of Genesis

Careful consideration of Genesis 1 in its historical and theological context indicates that it uses a very different kind of narrative form and linguistic usage than those used in modern natural histories. Much of the controversy over creation and evolution is, therefore, inappropriate and misleading.

Was the universe "born" in 4004 BC? I can guess what my nonChristian friends who stop by here would say, but what about my Christian friends (and family)?


  1. Taking Genesis literally leads to some significant problems. For example, I'm still curious about how Cain & Abel reproduced.

    Coupling with Eve? Some unnamed sister? God pull out a few more ribs the Bible doesn't tell us about?

  2. Traditional Christian teaching is that Cain and Seth (not Abel, since Cain murdered him) married their sisters, since there were no other families at that time. Somehow, God did not allow any effects of incestuous relationships (as we might see today) to happen. I've always wondered why Cain's sister would want to be with him since she would have been born after he had killed Abel and been cursed by God. I'm not sure what the Jewish teaching - or even if there is a cohesive one - is on this subject.