Sunday, September 7, 2008

one major difference between being a mayor and being a community organizer? the money

I guess Governor Palin is taking some time off so she can learn how to answer the tough questions, and no doubt she'll be asked about this. Of course, she moved on from governing a small town to governing a state, so her past hasn't dictated her future.

UPDATED: Palin has agreed to an interview with ABC's Charles Gibson - they will meet later this week.

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  1. Asking her about the sports arena is perfectly valid.

    But asking for samples of her amniotic fluid? For copies of her medical records to prove that she gave birth? For a chart of her contractions? These are the things they were calling and demanding!

    She's right to make them cool their heels. They were boors at best, cads at worst. They need a slap-down.

    The campaign should have somebody "vet" the press and grant interviews only to those who showed professionalism during the feeding frenzy. The rest should be left totally out in the cold until and unless they make a public apology.