Wednesday, November 19, 2008

death and resurrection in the political arena

I'm not so sure the president-elect can say he's looking for "hope" and "change" when he's picking up former DC dwellers. Perhaps he is just showing off his abilities by resurrecting the political career of someone once thought dead.
Democratic sources said Mr. Daschle has accepted the job. But aides to Mr. Obama said a formal announcement would not be made until after the national security and economic teams were unveiled. Mr. Obama’s transition team did announce Wednesday that Mr. Daschle will oversee the new president’s health policy working group.

Mr. Daschle was initially considered for White House chief of staff, but Mr. Obama chose instead to name Representative Rahm Emanuel of Chicago. If confirmed, Mr. Daschle could end up being the point man on any efforts to overhaul the country’s health care delivery and insurance system, a tall order, health policy experts say, because of the current economic situation.
UPDATE: Uh, oh. Perhaps Daschle won't have an easy time in the confirmation hearings.

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