Monday, December 15, 2008

another Kennedy in the Senate?

It looks like America is getting closer to having another Kennedy with political power. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, who seemed to be more like her "private" mother than her "public" father and brother, desires the New York Senate seat that will be left vacant when Hillary Clinton is confirmed as the next Secretary of State.

I have just a few thoughts on this...
  1. I don't believe it's wise to make these sorts of pronouncements, considering the troubles the Illinois governor is having. Caroline could be accused of Blagojaviching the Senate, and I don't think Governor Paterson wants that scandal.
  2. If she wants to "pursue" the Senate seat, why doesn't she do it the old-fashioned way?
  3. Caroline called Governor Paterson on December 3, and they had an "informational" conversation about the Senate. Why in the world would Caroline need such a conversation? Couldn't she just ask Uncle Teddy about the Senate? That phone call was an obvious ploy to gain Paterson's appointment.
  4. The article reads, "The governor was traveling to Utica today and could not immediately be reached for comment. " I guess the governor and his aides have never heard of those new-fangled devices called cell phones.

1 comment:

  1. The kennedy's are not high and mighty people. Because of her name she thinks she has all the right stuff to just walk in and become a senator. Give me a break!!