Friday, December 12, 2008

"Newsweek" and gay marriage

The most recent issue of Newsweek has a most provocative profile article - "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage," by Lisa Miller. Jon Meacham has an editorial note, supporting Miller's article. As you can probably guess, many evangelical Christians believe the article has misinterpreted the Bible.

Naturally, a lot of people over at HuffPo are talking about Miller's article.

Mollie Hemingway knew from first line of the article that it was "just that bad." She also wants to know about what happened to "the standard."

Al Mohler believes the article is an example of "turning the Bible on its head."

Robert Gagnon, a professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, argues that the Newsweek article "twists and ignores" the Bible's argument against homosexual behavior. He makes his case here.

Christianity Today has responded to the Newsweek article.

Frank Turk of TeamPyro has let his thoughts be known.

Tony Jones has changed his mind on same-sex unions, but he really doesn't explain how he came to do this. Rob Bowman believes Jones has fallacious thinking. Tony Jones does think Miller's article ignores the "many complexities and nuances" of the debate.

Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee discuss gay marriage.

Brant Hansen writes about his encounter with someone he is "supposed" to "hate."

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  1. Thanks for all the links in this post, Matt. It is what we would expect to happen as people become biblically illiterate. Fundamentals of what is actually taught in the Bible are unknown, misunderstood, or distorted.