Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Because You Left

I have just a few thoughts after seeing the premiere of the fifth season for Lost. Yes, I'll have some spoilers here, so read on only if you dare.
  1. Traveling through time sure made it tough for Sawyer to find a shirt. He finally got one from Neil, but they certainly don't look like they have the same shirt size. I'd guess Sawyer would wear a large and Neil would be a medium, but whatever. Maybe shirts on the island shorten and stretch, just like time on the island does.
  2. How fantastic was it to see Dr. Marvin Candle... or Pierre Chang, or whatever his name is... in the first few minutes? And, yes, that was Daniel Faraday with the other workers below the Orchid station. I don't think we yet know the number of times he's visited the island.
  3. Is Charlotte doomed? She's having nose bleeds, she's having prolonged headaches, Faraday is obviously hiding things from her... I'm guessing she's doomed.
  4. When the TV first reported Hurley as a murder suspect, why didn't the cops immediately go to his house? Why wouldn't they have had a search warrant for his parents' home?
  5. If Sawyer had come back when Desmond and Faraday were talking, what might have happened?
  6. If you need a good recap of the episode (and all previous ones), go here. For a bit of commentary with your recap, you can try this spot.
  7. Who could've guessed that Ben likes porterhouse steaks?
  8. Nice to see you making yourself useful, Ms. Hawking. I wouldn't be surprised that you're the one Desmond comes to... again.


  1. 9. and who was the older woman Ben (notHenry) was talking to at the end of the 2nd episode? Are we supposed to recognize her from somewhere? They kept her face hidden for some time.

  2. That would be the woman I mentioned in #8, Ms. Hawkins. Charlie and Desmond both had encounters with her, I believe. Charlie met her in the season 3 ep, "Greatest Hits."