Friday, January 23, 2009

Do you pledge to be a servant to President Obama?

Yeah. uhm.... I don't think this would have been made if McCain was president right now.

I think we all should head out to Hollywood right now, bang on the doors of Cameron Diaz and the Moore-Kutchers, and tell them how then can come over and help out our communities. They can start by picking up the trash by the road. Do you think they'd do that?

And since I mentioned Cameron and Ashton: were you two representing America when you did that hideous What Happens in Vegas movie? Or was that made just because we were still all living during the oppressively horrible Bush years, and we're now in the Obama Era so everything will be better?


  1. 4 things:
    1. The Obama "worship" makes me a little nervous
    2. My heart leaped every time I saw Josh Groban
    3. Jason Bateman is hilarious
    4. Who were half those people???

  2. obama could be the anti-christ. the signs are there

  3. Anon: What signs are you referring to?