Monday, August 17, 2009

"Carrie" on TCM

I was flipping through the channels tonight, looking for something interesting. A familiar movie title caught my eye, so I stopped on TCM - Turner Classic Movies. "Carrie." I thought, Now there's a classic horror movie I haven't seen in a while. But I don't remember it being in black and white. And I don't remember the dude who played Zeus in "Clash of the Titans" being in it. Where is Sissy Spacek? Where is John Travolta?

Yep. A completely different "Carrie."

I wasn't able to watch the whole thing - just the very end of it. Apparently it's educational as well as entertaining. The description by DirecTV read this: "A farm girl moves to Chicago, meets men and becomes a stage star."

Wow! If a girl - and particularly a "farm girl" - wants to become a stage star, all she has to do is move to Chicago and meet a couple men. I wonder what a "farm boy" has to do?

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