Tuesday, September 29, 2009

50 States, 50 Films

I'm a little late in checking out 50 Movies for 50 States featured by the Rotten Tomatoes crew, but it's still fun. To complete this list, they chose "films that we feel really showcase each state in the Union." Here are the states/films that I've visited/seen:

  • Alabama - Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Arizona - Raising Arizona
  • Colorado - Red Dawn
  • Connecticut - The Ice Storm
  • Georgia - Gone With the Wind
  • Illinois - The Blues Brothers
  • Indiana - Hoosiers
  • Iowa - Field of Dreams
  • Kansas - The Wizard of Oz
  • Massachusetts - Good Will Hunting
  • Nebraska - Children of the Corn
  • New York - King Kong (RT means only the original, but I've seen all three)
  • North Carolina - Bull Durham
  • North Dakota - Fargo
  • Ohio - Bye Bye Birdie (I'm from Ohio, so I've had to have seen this one, right?)
  • Oklahoma - Oklahoma!
  • Pennsylvania - Rocky
  • South Carolina - The Patriot (They couldn't find a good movie to represent the state?)
  • South Dakota - Dances With Wolves
  • Utah - Broken Arrow (No Mormon movies out there, huh?)
  • West Virginia - We Are Marshall
  • Wyoming - Close Encounters of the Third Kind (I've even been to Devil's Tower...)

Twenty-two pairings. Not too bad. It's a totally subjective list, of course. I mean, Broken Arrow is a standard action flick, and not a good one at that, so why does it get to represent Utah? And no listing for Washington, DC. The most likely choice for DC be Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which I haven't seen.

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  1. And no, I didn't see any aliens when I was traveling through Wyoming with my parents and grandmother. Plenty of prarie dogs at Yellowstone, though.