Saturday, November 14, 2009

a voice, a chime, a chance sublime

I'm getting in the mood for Christmas music.

How about you?

And speaking of Christmas music, Christianity Today has their annual roundup of this year's new Christmas CD's. And if you want to know about last year's releases, too, then just go here. We usually buy one new Christmas CD a year, but last year we bought two: Faith Hill's Joy to the World and Casting Crowns' Peace on Earth. But I didn't like either of them as well as Relient K's 2007 release, Let it Snow Baby... Let it Reindeer.

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  1. You must check out Shane & Shanes Christmas album that was released last year. It is phenomenal! I got that one and the Barlow Girl Christmas album which is also very good, and different from their usual sound. They both came out last year, but I would recommend them as purchases for this year if you don't have them. Also of course JG's Noel from 2 years ago is a fave, but I'm sure you already have that one! At least you better!!! =)