Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

And here we are in 2010! Well, those of us on Central Standard Time, at any rate. Most of the world has been in this new decade for hours already. But here in Vermilion County, Illinois, we've just watched the ball drop (an hour delay) at Times Square in NYC. Yes, we watched Dick Clark here at Chez Brownie, because there really is no one else to watch. I mean, Carson Daly? You were great on TRL, but you're no Dick Clark. The Sweet One and The Cute One both stayed up to ring in the new year/decade, but The Wife had gone to bed.

And now, I'm shuddering with a single thought... Next year, I turn 40. Four-oh! Oh, man, now I need to go get a blanket.


  1. Ha Ha!!!! Dustin and I though Dick was so sad! This really needs to be his last year. He could barely talk, it was actually painful to watch. I know that's mean, but it's true!!!

  2. He had a stroke several years ago, as I'm sure you remember. I think he's pretty brave to still be on the air. Clark has to know how he comes across on TV, but he doesn't appear to care. At least, his wife and "handlers" (if he has any) don't care.