Wednesday, March 17, 2010

President Obama sent me a letter!

Well, an email actually. But hey! It's mail just the same, right? And he addressed it to "Matthew," which is how my family members call me. Barack and I are family!
I wanted to take a moment to thank you directly for the outstanding work you've been doing as part of Organizing for America's Final March for Reform.
Why, thank you! It's nice to be noticed. Although I don't remember doing anything to directly help you with this. But still, the notice is nice. And this is the Final March for Reform? We won't be having anymore, ever?
I can tell you that your voice is heard in Washington every day.
Really? Who all is hearing my voice? Besides you, that is?
I see how your efforts are moving us toward victory.
I haven't been to Washington since December 2004. You weren't even in the Senate yet. How could you have seen me?
Raise your voice today.
Would it help if I stepped outside before I started raising my voice? To improve the hearing of my voice?
We must all speak out together to finish the job.
Wait just a minute here, Barack. You're writing a personal letter to me, and now you're talking about how we must all speak together...? Who is this we? Umm... Are you sending email to other people, too?

Oh. I guess you are. I'm not so special after all.

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