Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"It’s the kind of film Freud, or more likely Jung, would have delighted in deconstructing."

It's really not shocking that the man who brought us Memento and The Dark Knight would make another critically acclaimed film. Memento focused on the problems of memory and loss, while The Dark Knight reveled in nihilism and fate. From what I've seen of the trailer, Inception appears to focus on perception, dreams, and reality. It's always a treat to watch a movie that engages the senses and the mind.


  1. I actually loved Memento. I'm not a big movie guy so I had no idea that the creator of the film was also responsible for The Dark Knight--which I never got around to seeing. Now I want to go back and see it. I just wish Inception wasn't loaded up with big name actors. I like the unknowns.

  2. Big D, how could you have missed "The Dark Knight" two years ago? It was THE movie everyone talked about that summer. Heath Ledger received - and deserved - much critical acclaim for his Joker performance.