Tuesday, November 22, 2005

General Motors closings

More bad news from the once-powerhouse company.

My father and brother-in-law both worked for G.M., as a general laborer who retired (Dad) and as an engineer who moved on when he thought the timing was right (bro-in-law Ken). Dad felt such a strong connection that he once dubbed G.M. as "Great Mother, the mother of us all." Because of this, I have strong sympathies for the 30,000 G.M. workers who will now have to look for jobs elsewhere.

The following is a seemingly simplistic, but ultimately truthful, response to the closings:
Mike O'Rourke, president of United Auto Workers Local 1853 in Spring Hill, said GM leaders need to change approaches to be successful. "They need to design cars that sell," O'Rourke said. (ClickOnDetroit)

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