Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Welcome, SwineBass readers

Yes, you have arrived at the right spot. I'm pleased that you decided to follow the link to come and join me. I am truly honored by your presence and comments, as long as they are civil with no vulgar or offensive language, and I hope you feel at home here. The same kind of posts that you'd find at SwineBass, you will also find here. I know that I'm taking a risk in losing some readers (ok, maybe the one or two non-family members that visit), but I'm willing to do that in order to have a more appropriate blog name. So - relax, sit back, pour yourself a tall glass of skinny milk (or 1% if you absolutely must have some fat in your cow juice), and enjoy some good brownie bites!

In an effort to create a more interesting blog, I've decided to revise the names that I've given my links. The old site featured such intriguing categories as "friends & family bloggers" and "christian bloggers." I've trimmed the fat, so to speak, so the list isn't as extensive as the SwineBass site. I've decided to create some new categories, and I will give a word of explanation for each.

  • Homemade: Blogs produced by friends and family.
  • Fudge: My favorite brownies are intensely fudgy and chocolate-y (with maybe some nuts here or there - walnuts especially), so in honor of that, I've decided to list the blogs I read daily here.
  • Cake: Blogs that I find entertaining - light and fluffy stuff.
  • Chewy: Blogs that really make me think about things.
  • Dense: Blogs that are mostly political or cultural in nature.
  • Ingredients list: Links to news-oriented sites. The vast majority of my material is culled from the media (whether big, small, newspaper or magazine).


  1. Oh, really need to change the "Jack-O-Lantern" face. It's really not very becoming.


  2. Yes, I know. I need to take pictures of some brownies and put them up.