Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bush should be impeached for listening to my grandma without a court order!

The next time someone makes some similar statement to you, tell them the following:

"Bill Clinton did it." - Byron York has more about it here.

"Jimmy Carter did it, too."

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  1. You're certainly right there. I'm an ardent Bush hater, but I like to see the battles picked on grounds that are, at the very least, relevant. Maybe it's illegal and maybe it's not, but there should at least be some recognition that the exact same types of intrusions have been made by recent Democrat presidents. If, in fact, it IS illegal, the blame doesn't just lie on Bush. Then again, I'm not particularly fond of Clinton, either. Just out of curiosity, who would you like to see on the 2008 ticket (for both sides)?


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  2. Brad: I've disagreed with the president on a lot of things he's done (going to war with Iraq, for one thing), but I'm certainly no 'Bush-hater.' I would love to see a Hillary vs. Condi match-up, but that seems unlikely since Condi has said numerous times that she will not run. No doubt Hillary will run and she's likely to get the nomination. On the Republican side it's too soon to tell, but I'd like to see McCain give it a try again.