Tuesday, January 17, 2006

7 Seven's

It appears that I've been tagged by Kevin Jones to give up seven lists of a personal nature. So here goes.

Seven of my Favorite Movies: see my profile

Seven Preachers/Speakers I Like:
1. Dale Kurtz, former pastor at the church I formerly attended
2. Mark Vroegop, a college friend
3. Erwin Lutzer, pastor at Moody Bible Church
4. Paul Dixon, chancellor at Cedarville University (my alma mater)
5. Chuck Swindoll
6. Joseph Stowell, former president of Moody Bible Institute
7. Warren Wiersbe

Seven of my Favorite Books: see my profile - you be the judge as to whether I'm kidding about the last book ;)

Seven of my Favorite Cities: (no particular order)
1. Miami, FL
2. Hamilton, Bermuda
3. Chicago, IL
4. Boston, MA
5. Gatlinburg, TN
6. Washington, D.C.
7. Orlando, FL

Seven National Parks I've Visited: (I've been to many more)
1. Great Smoky Mountains
2. Acadia
3. Grand Canyon
4. Yellowstone
5. Dayton Aviation Heritage (before it joined the NPS)
6. Glacier
7. Badlands

Seven Favorite TV Shows: (past and present)
1. Lost
2. The Electric Company
3. The A-Team
4. Knight Rider
5. Looney Tunes on Saturday mornings
6. The Smurfs (yes, really), also on Saturday mornings
7. Seinfeld

Seven Restaurant Dishes I Could Eat Constantly:
1. any course from Tru (bring tons of cash if you go there)
2. deep-dish pizza from here - Chicago's best!
3. Garrett's popcorn (Oprah loves it, and so do I)
4. Panera Bread's bleu steak sandwich
5. roasted pears on pecan crisps at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando
6. gyros from just about anywhere, but especially Mickey's in Oak Park, IL
7. the Oreo dessert at T.G.I. Friday's

I invite anyone else who hasn't yet participated to do so, especially to my relations - you know who you are.


  1. Yo! Matt,

    It is Mark V. You obviously have not heard me speak in a while.

    What an honor to make your list. You made my day...albeit undeserved!

    Here my blog applytheword.blogspot.com

  2. Mark: Hey! Great to know you have a blog - you can bet I'll be visiting and leaving you nasty comments. (Ha, ha!)

    Yes, it's true I haven't heard you in a while, but I check your sermon notes on your church website from time to time, and I imagine you saying the words. So, in a way, I still hear you.