Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Golden Globes 2005

I watched only bits and pieces of the show. I saw the beginning, and did not think that George Clooney's statements about Jack Abramoff were in any way funny. (I'm no Abramoff fan - I just didn't think Clooney was funny) I heard Dennis Quaid's statements towards the ends of the show as he was presenting Brokeback Mountain, and I thought he was very crude. More sex jokes... I was glad that Lost won, and the wife was happy for Geena Davis - oh, how the wife loves Commander in Chief (I believe it's taken over the spot in her heart that was previously filled by the cancelled American Dreams).

Most of the wins were predictable, and many of the wins were for films that focused on either politics of aspects of sexuality. Nice to see Steve Carrell win for The Office. Phillip Seymour Hoffman won for Capote; he's won multiple awards now, so it appears he has the momentum for Oscar night. Hollywood loves those gays!

Yea, S. Epatha and Reese!

Entertainment Weekly and Ann Althouse both live-blogged.

UPDATE: I thought Clooney was completely crude, but the writers at EW thought he was riotously funny and identified his statements as one of the 10 best things about the ceremony. How non-surprising.

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