Monday, January 2, 2006

Michael Moore & "Sicko"

You intently watch the trailers when you catch a new flick. You peruse through the Internet Movie Database only to find scarce info about it. You check on the director's website (he won an Oscar - surely you remember that, don't you? - if not, he'll remind you) for updates, but he hasn't mentioned it in over a year. You walk into your doctor's office with trepidation, wondering if he's going to pop out and confront your physician and that irritating chick at the reception desk.

All your efforts are in vain. You sink into your couch and you moan aloud (as if Michael would hear you), "When is 'Sicko' coming out?"

Don't worry.
... reports have said that Moore is using hidden cameras in doctors' offices to expose corruption within the drug biz. And a person close to the project says the helmer was most recently in Miami shooting at a weight-loss clinic.

Bob and Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein are expecting big things from the film. According to an early draft of the Weinstein Co.'s business plan, generated to drum up investment in the company, the brothers plan to roll out "Sicko" in September, and they anticipate about $40 million in domestic [box office]. (Variety)

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