Monday, January 2, 2006

Victim's families will confront the killer nurse

This could be the week that Marie Romero finally gets to look Charles Cullen straight in the eye and tell the former nurse and admitted serial killer how much pain he caused by killing her sister. Romero's sister, Catherine Dext, was killed with an injection in June 1996 at Hunterdon Medical Center, where she had been admitted with a ruptured spleen.

"She's going to talk about how this deprived her of her sister and (how) it was a totally senseless, pointless death," said her lawyer, Anthony Macri.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled to begin Thursday for Cullen, who pleaded guilty to 29 murders and six attempted murders during his 16-year nursing career in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (CNN)

I think this is the most frightening sentence of the article: "The former critical care nurse was able to move from hospital to hospital, despite suspicions he was killing patients, because the institutions did not report their fears to authorities." Who knows how many more nurses like Cullen are out there?

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