Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thank goodness for Katie Brazelton, Ph.D.

If it weren't for her, millions of women would find themselves leading pointless, purposeless lives. I feel sorry for all the women of the past two millennia who haven't had the benefit of Brazelton's "wisdom." She's written some books and founded a company that appears to have been created to piggy-back off Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life." You can find info about her here.

With Pastor Rick Warren’s blessing, long-time Saddleback Church staff member, licensed minister, and author Katie Brazelton, Ph.D., reaches out to women, helping them to expand upon and enhance the journey that draws each woman closer to God. Even if you haven’t read Dr. Rick Warren’s The Purpose-Driven Life (also a Zondervan book), you probably know someone who has –over 22 million people worldwide have been touched by his remarkable book. It has changed millions of lives and continues to be one of the most popular Christian books ever published. For every woman, there are steps to take beyond this bestseller, making the Pathway to Purpose™ for Women series an ideal follow up. (Pathway’s Series Foreword by Kay Warren is a must-read about how the principles in these books changed her life forever!)

Note that Kay Warren, wife to Rick, is a big fan of the books and how they "changed her life forever." I would think that Kay would write about how coming to Christ was a life-changing event for her, but apparently Brazelton's books had a more profound effect.

Funny that Warren only wrote one book, but Brazelton had to write three books so women could "find purpose" in their own lives.

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