Wednesday, February 22, 2006 ?

I have received so many hits because of this post on the Donald Trump/Martha Stewart feud that I should probably consider changing my blog and writing about them all the time. Good Brownie appears as the #1 site for "Martha and Donald fued", "donald trump - martha stewart fued", "trump martha fued", "trump stewart fued letter", and "martha donald fued" - all on MSN search.

I have my doubts that this is a genuine feud. Trump is a master at marketing, and a fifth version of "The Apprentice" is about to start. What better way to build interest than to make headlines by writing a scathing letter to Stewart about the problems of "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart." He's got everyone talking about it, and Newsweek is continuing the story, and this can build nicely right into the new show.

UPDATED: I figured out that this is happening because I can't spell the word 'feud.' I misspelled the word back in this post. When other people misspell the word and combine it with "Trump" and "Stewart" in some fashion, they are directed here. So, I'm getting more traffic because I can't spell a simple word, I don't use the Check Spelling button that Blogger offers, and other people misspell as well. So perhaps my new blog will cater to people who spell 'fued' instead of 'feud.'


  1. Brownie: "feud".

    Dude, spell check. It's a blogger function. It may not get "to" "two" and "too", or "is" when you meant "if", but it would get "fued".

  2. Cent: I thought there was something odd about it. Corrected.

  3. Ha! This just made me laugh so hard!