Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hillary Rodham Clinton: anti-choice

From many of the Democrats (but by no means all), we hear a lot of talk about the importance of having choices. The ability to choose is heralded as the great concept of America, as something that the Founding Fathers - and Mothers - held dearly. Breaking off from a perceived oppressive regime and choosing a new form of government is what so many people died for over 200 years ago. Being able to choose is the right of every American child.

To the advocates of abortion, choice is what matters. They argue that a woman must have the ability to choose whether or not she wants to keep the child growing inside her - I mean, the fetus infesting her womb. Every child a wanted child is the mantra. If the government says that a woman is unable to choose, she is not a truly free woman.

Senator Hillary Clinton is for choice, but apparently only when it comes to abortion. If choice is in the form of school vouchers, she is firmly against it. See: she's concerned that if a parent has the ability to choose where her child goes (as opposed to sending the child to an underfunded, poorly staffed government-operated school), that parent might just choose a school run by white supremacists or maybe some Islamic fundamentalists.
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton slammed private-school voucher proposals yesterday, predicting that vouchers would eventually lead to the creation of taxpayer-financed white supremacist academies - or even a government-funded "School of the Jihad." Clinton, a longtime voucher foe who earned the backing of the city teachers union in 2000, says government financing of sectarian groups would incite ethnic and religious conflict - and encourage fringe groups to demand government cash to run their schools. (Newsday)

Aren't you glad to know Hillary is looking out for your children? Because, goodness knows, you aren't equipped to.

(H/T: Malkin)

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