Thursday, March 30, 2006

Call him Sir Tom

Welsh singer Tom Jones is getting used to meeting Queen Elizabeth II — but Wednesday was something special as she dubbed him, "Sir Tom." The 65-year-old singer, a coal miner's son from the Welsh town of Pontypridd, received the honor from the queen at Buckingham Palace. (Yahoo!)

After the ceremony, Sir Jones was overheard to say, "With Sir Paul and Sir Mick running around here, and now me, it's not unusual to be knighted by anyone. Being knighted made this big man cry. That Queen Elizabeth, she is a lady. I asked her what's new, and she said Prince Charles had given her a pussycat. After talking to her, I think I'll never fall in love again - she said goodbye to me, but I couldn't say it to her. Anyway, I can't wait until I get to the green grass of home to tell everyone about this - I'll definitely call everyone I know in Detroit City. I'll have to send an email to Lucille - snail-mail is pathetic."


  1. no thoughts on immigration...that seems to be the hot topic these days.

  2. I've never met any guys who ever heard of "Are You There, God, It's Me, Margaret." (Or at least none who'd admit it.) Your daughters will appreciate it when they get older.

  3. Adam: Nope, not really. So many people are talking about it already that I don't much feel like jumping on the bandwagon just to say, "They should go through the proper channels. People who are here illegally have no true right to make any kind of demonstration about it."

    Jen: Thanks for your comment. I was half joking when I put that in my book list.

  4. No one is going to comment on the amount of Tom Jones song titles I put into this posting? Sheesh...