Sunday, April 2, 2006

Welcome, Tim McGraw fans

People still come here because of this post. I don't think this speaks as much to Tim McGraw as it does to the enduring legacy of Petra.

Speaking of Tim McGraw, it is quite difficult to find a picture of him (whether on the Internet or in magazines) in which in he is not in some fashion showing off his chest hair. Why does he prefer to be photographed when he's wearing an A-style undershirt or a button-down shirt with several buttons undone? Does he believe that his female fans enjoy this, and it meets some kind of sexual appeal? I'm just asking... I realize that he's far from being the only male singer to exhibit sexual potency by showing some skin, but he's one that comes easily to mind. If he had his own voice but the same physical features and manner of dress as this guy, would Tim be as popular?

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