Thursday, March 9, 2006

Do we really need to see Terry naked?

I just don't understand this.

[Terry] Bradshaw bares all in “Failure to Launch,” in which he co-stars with Oscar-winner Kathy Bates as the parents of a 35-year-old man (Matthew McConaughey) still living at home. They’re reduced to hiring a woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) to seduce their son and induce him to leave. Once he’s out, his room becomes daddy’s Naked Room.

“Not that I got a lot to show off here. But I really thought, and I think I’m right,” Bradshaw says, “you seeing my butt is a shocker.

“I just thought it shows the people that I’ve got the guts to do something like that. Which is important for me. It was kind of a brave thing for me. I got a family I got to answer to. I got kids ... my older parents and my preachers and everybody,” he says, then busts out laughing: “I’m going to have to answer for this.” (MSNBC)

I was completely afraid at first because Terry is reported as "[baring] all," which I interpret to mean that the audience would see Terry as he would be if they took a time machine and saw him in the locker room shortly after a game. In other words, the audience would see everything. He shows only his backside, not his front. I would have typed "Thankfully he shows only his backside...," but I'm not willing to concede that seeing only Terry's backside is something that one should be thankful for.

But, he thinks it takes guts for a 57-year-old guy to show off his backside? I see that all the time when I work out at the "Y".

UPDATE (3/13/97 @ 7:02 AM): Failure to Launch was the #1 movie this weekend. I guess a lot of people did want to see Terry.


  1. So much for his "Christian testimony."

  2. David: I think he has put his Christian testimony "behind" him, in this case.

  3. It is true .. Christians give up their butts when they get saved.

  4. This will certainly put a fisher or "crack" in his testimony, but ultimatley I just don't think it will be aesthetically pleasing.