Thursday, May 25, 2006

2nd season finale of "Lost"

So many things to consider now:

1. Were you as confused as I am by the last 15 minutes or so? It's nice to see that life is still going on beyond the island, but man... what's with the Portugeuse guys?

2. I guess NotHenry actually DID push the button that one time, considering what happened in the finale tonight.

3. Clair is soooooo doomed now that she and Charlie are apparently going to get cozy.

4. Are Michael and Walt going to really leave the island? Is Michael going to ask, like any normal person would, what Walt meant by "they're not who they say they are," and if he can really be at different places at night? And what exactly did The Others glean from Walt?

5. What's up with the statue and the four-toed foot?

6. Ole Smoky didn't show - I'm upset.

7. Is NotHenry "Him"?

8. When will Kate's horse reappear? How about another polar bear? And was that flying thing that croaked Hurley's name a pterodactyl, or this?

9. Need a job? Consider applying here.

10. Do you plan to add this book to your summer reading list? Maybe you should...


  1. Um yeah, I'm with you on the last 15min. Here's my take...Penny mentioned earlier that she had a lot of money and could track down anyone. I think maybe she had people tracking Des on his race and when he crashed they lost signal for awhile, not they regained it and they are going to come "find" him therefore finding everyone on the island. Either that OR Pen's dad, who we saw in one of Des' earliest flashback, is Hanso...If you think about the fuzzy image they show of Alred in the orientation videos, Pen's dad fits the profile...Just a thought. Moving on, yeah I guess NotHenry did push the button before but I didn't think about it until you brought it up. It's about time that Claire and Charlie get together!! I am glad. This was my thought, actually I said it out loud to myself, as Walt and Michael were "driving" away..."well Walt, now you can see what a traiter your dad is and how little character he has shown turning on all of his friends." I think Walt will be the one to say they can't leave and yes I think eventually the meaning behind Walt's statement will be revealed. Statue = Weird! I have very much enjoyed the Hanso adds. I called the number a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome!

  2. I regret not watching this show when it first started, and have decided that I need to get the DVDs from the library and watch from the start. I have a neighbor who is seriously addicted and gives me a summary of events each week. She agrees with you about the 15 minutes!

  3. 1. Well, they had a lot to pack in to those 15 minutes to keep you coming back for next season. I'm thinking that the compass setting 352 is going to be skewed because of the recent electro-magnetic activity on the island. Or, because of all the electro-magnetic activity, Ginger and Mary Ann will wonder on to the set in season 3.

    2. I hadn't considered that either. Yeah, but in saying he didn't push the button (did he say that?) he was trying to get Locke to think about not pushing it, i.e., that it really was meaningless and had no consequences he he clearly knew that it did.

    3. Clair and Charlie, two characters I don't really care about, let them get cozy.

    4. See my comment on number 1, they are not simply going to be rescued. Way to easy.

    5. The four-toed foot, well, that was a set prop they got from new zeland after the making of Fellowship of the Rings so JJ thought he'd throw it in just for fun.

    6. I think smokey is an accident. They went there and then realized there's no place to go with that so they dropped it with the polar bear, hoping we'd forget once we found the hatch.

    7. NotHenry "him" who? The guy behind all this? Looks like it, so probably not.

    8. Yeah, the horse was only contracted for one episode, after a little notoriety went to his (agent's) head, he couldn't come to terms so he will not be reappearing.

    9. Got a job. Thanks.

    10. Got enough reading to do already, but I'll consider it.